Jürg Wey is a graphic designer and photographer. He lives and works in Zurich. Since the mid-nineties, he concentrates on printed images and the transformation in new sculptural context. At this time, his main interest concentrated itself on the american Pop-Culture. He developped his own collage technique which he used to connect photographies and raster-shots. The question of resurrection of disposables in art was the basis for his series “Re-Birth“ and “Pure“. They consisted of washed and glued wastepaper. Fragile paper sculptures, which show that paper is able to be patient, even out of his usual purpos, evoke out of this. Since 2012, Jürg Wey set the focus more and more on black and white photography. His pictures aim less at an exact documentary than on capturing atmospheres - as in nature so in chinese Mega-Cities. He concentrates on the small things along his way and he is looking for reflections of our time. In Jürg Wey‘s work, bycicles, straying dogs and display windows become main characters. He distinguishes himself as a photographer who attempts to balance the inner determination and the outer reality.



Yang Yu 金黄色的梦里 金黄色的火苗 舞蹈 蓝色的你 红色的我 舞蹈 浓密的六月棕榈林 在你胸前留下火橙色的印记 一群白色蝴蝶 飞来飞去 在我们金黄色的梦里 化为灰烬 舞蹈吧! 舞蹈吧! 到温柔清风里去 你回头看我 你踮起脚尖 你黑色头发 像一朵深黑色彼岸花盛开 舞蹈 我舞蹈 我迷失在哀伤的棕榈林里 凄凉的月光 痛苦的太阳 永别了 永别了,相互爱慕的手 为你画的眼角和眉头 吻吻你的影子 我停不下来 舞蹈吧!舞蹈! 向着那幽幽棕榈林的尽头 向着那轻轻低语的灰色希望


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